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Drunk Driving Defense

Attorney Moss has transformed his felony criminal defense practice into a Massachusetts drunk driving specialty practice that offers an unmatched level of knowledge and trial experience to clients like you, who have been arrested for drunk driving or operating/driving under the influence of alcohol.

Drunk driving defense attorney Edward Sharkansky has extensive experience in defending drunk driving and operating/driving under the influence of alcohol cases in Massachusetts. In the course of handling these cases, attorney Moss has experience in the following:

  • Use of OUI/DUI/DWI expert witnesses to throw out a blood alcohol analysis;
  • Cross-examination of breath test operators regarding the operation of a breath test machine and the accuracy of a breath test results;
  • Cross-examination of police officers regarding field sobriety testing in OUI/DUI/DWI cases;
  • Arguing OUI/DUI/DWI cases in court; and
  • Negotiating plea-bargains with prosecutors for OUI/DUI/DWI and all related drunk driving cases in Massachusetts.

Defending an OUI/DUI/DWI case in Massachusetts is a complicated matter that requires an experienced attorney who is familiar with the operating/driving under the influence of alcohol laws. Attorney Moss possesses both, and your operating/driving under the influence of alcohol case will benefit from it.

Do not make the same mistake that so many others now regret. Contact attorney Attorney Moss for a free consultation on how your OUI/DUI/DWI case in Massachusetts can be won.

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